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Breeding conditions Krismar Stables
  • All orders and payments are expired via DAP Hoog Hemelrijk (Bavikhove), ERC De Morette (Asse) or DAP Hanna Remans (Gruitrode).
    Veterinary guidance by veterinarians HANSSENS Paul (Bavikhove), DE BLENDE Peter (Asse) or REMANS Hanna (Gruitrode).
  • Please send a clearly legible copy of your mare's original studbook paper.
  • The veterinarians offer the possibility of stabling your mare but we don't accept any liability to humans or animals regarding illness, injury or damage. If necessary, our vet will be consulted, also when the owner is not available. Our team ensures optimal welfare of your horse(s). Veterinarian costs related to, among other things, breeding and scanning are at the expense of the mare owner. We kindly ask you to contact us in advance in orde to make arrangements regarding date and time.
  • The covering certificate will be delivered after full payment of the invoice.
  • The deposit is paid at the first insemination. The remaining amount is due at the latest on October 1st.
  • By ordering the semen, the mare owner fully agrees with the above terms and rates.
  • Possible shipping costs are at the expense of the mare owner.
  • All prices are exclusive of VAT.